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Conditions of entry to Madagascar for travellers


SAFETY: the watchword for the reopening.

Updated:June 5th 2023

The Antananarivo Ivato, Nosy Be, Toliara and Fort Dauphin airports, where all hygiene protocols are in place, will welcome passengers upon landing. Private charter flights are also allowed as well as cruise ships.

Air France, Air Madagascar, Kenya Airways, Air Mauritius , Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Airlink and Air Austral are operating flights.

Madagascar has lifted all COVID travel protocols for all travellers irrespective of vaccination status regardless of vaccination status.

In its strategy to reopen the borders, the authorities are ensuring that the hygiene protocols developed by the National Tourism Board (ONTM), on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and in partnership with the Confederation of Tourism (CTM), are put in place at all levels in order to ensure a pleasant and safe stay for tourists visiting Madagascar.

The Tourist Visa can be obtained on arrival at Antananarivo airport or at the Madagascar embassies in the countries of residence.

Tourism Visa for stays less than 15 Days stays: 10 Euros / 11 USD

Tourism Visa for stays between 15 to 30 Days: 35 Euros / 37 USD ( payable in cash)

Tourism Visa for stays up to 60 Days: 40 Euros / 45 USD ( payable in cash)

Passport shall have at least 6 months of validity and a blank page.

Postponement terms & book with confidence during covid-19

For all new bookings: book with confidence

Updated : December 2022

  • 25% deposit is required to confirm a booking. Payment of balance is required 30 days prior to arrival.
  • Some exceptions regarding the amount of deposit may apply with trips which include the following properties : Anjajavy, Mandrare River Camp, Manafiafy beach & Forest Lodge, Masoala Forest Lodge.
  • The option of payment by credit card is offered.

Postponement terms for existing bookings

  • Any bookings confirmed and secured with a deposit  scheduled to travel will be eligible to postpone arrangements for travel within 12 months of the original arrival date.
  • Postponement can be requested prior to arrival. One date amendment per booking will be permitted.
  • The itinerary shall be similar to the one initially booked and fare difference may apply.
  • New dates: If guests are unsure of their future travel arrangements, we will propose dates based on availability and feasibility.

Standard cancellation & payment terms to the revised dates will apply. Our standard cancellation and payment terms can be found here :

ASISTEN Travel wins world travel awards

We are extremely proud to win our category Madagascar’s Leading Destination Management Company at the 2020 World Travel Awards. For the 4th straight year we are also a nominee in the category Indian Ocean,s Leading Destination Management Company.

Despite a challenging year for the entire travel industry, this award recognizes our efforts over the past 10 years since the creation of ASISTEN Travel . Our company is specialized in the design and organization of tailor made holidays and luxury tours in Madagascar.

We would like to thank all of our guests, partners in Madagascar and all over the world and employees, they made it happen! Thank you for your ongoing support and your votes.

Explore the amazing NOSY BE ARCHIPELAGO – 4+ Days

Nosy Be is an archipelago of small islands located off the northwest coast of Madagascar. ).

The main island spreads about 26 km from north to south about 20 km from east to west. The archipelago includes the small islands of Nosy Komba, Nosy Fanihy, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Iranja, Nosy Tanikely and archipelagos of Mitsio and Radama. The island is covered with sugar cane fields, coffee, but also sesame, rice, corn, sweet potatoes and cassava. The harvest of ylang ylang flowers began around 1910. It is this activity that has the nickname of island of perfumes.

The following activities and sites are among the ones we can propose:

Lokobe reserve covers around 740ha and includes the last remaining lowland rainforest found on the Nosy Be island. The reserve is known for the Black Lemur  ( Eulemur Macaco ) , the Lepilemur tymerlachsoni (Hawks’ Sportive Lemur) and the beautiful Nosy Be Panther Chameleon.

From end of September to end of December is the ideal time to observe Whale Sharks as they come to feed in the rich waters of the region. in the waters surrounding Nosy Be.  Slip into the water with your mask snorkels and fins to find yourself in the company of this animal that can reach 15m long. This totally harmless giant is swimming quietly, filtering plankton and small fish …

There’s also plenty of interesting diving spots for beginners and advanced divers. While some of the lodges we work with have their own dive shop so you can get your PADI certification during your holiday, Nosy Tanikely is the best spot for introductory or refresh dives. . An amazing variety and quantity of colorful fish will delight scuba divers and those who practice snorkelling . The visit of the island will surprise visitors for its rich flora and wildlife. Huge extensive reefs surround Sakatia and Nosy Be and at their edges are exciting walls and drop-offs, some exciting drift dives and a wreck off Ambatoloaka.

Finally, the guided tours of the fresh produce markets, plantations and distilleries take visitors to the very origins of spices, perfume and chocolate.

Madagascar Essentials road trip – 8 days

This is a great classic , a tour you can enjoy all year long. In less than 10 days, you will discover the essentials of this big island. Along a mythic national road heading to the Southern part of the island you will experience the different micro climates, the unique and diverse fauna and flora before ending the tour on the white sand beaches of Ifaty.

Day : 1  Arrive in Antananarivo, and discover the City of the Thousand

Discover Antananarivo, its history and its busy colourful streets. A visit to the Old City, the palace of the Queen, will introduce you to the architecture and urbanism of this particular city. An introduction to the delectable cuisine of Madagascar and the islands of the Indian Ocean is also on the menu.

Day : 2  Crossing the highlands; Antananarivo- Antsirabe

On the first 180 km of RN7, there is a succession of landscapes characteristic of the Highlands: villages of brick houses surrounded by rice fields and overcome with beautiful hills, rivers and waterfalls, small sellers of fruit and vegetables throughout the road. We stop in the city of Ambatolampy, famous for its craft workshops of aluminum cooking pots. We then reach Antsirabe which is better discovered with a rickshaw ride in order to admire its beautiful houses, monuments. Several possible excursions in the vicinity of beautiful volcanic lakes. Antsirabe is considered as a «gourmet step».

Day 3: Antsirabe  – Ranomafana

We are heading to Ranomafana rainforest. The road to Ranomafana offers beautiful scenery: Tapias forest, beautiful hills, typical villages, terrace rice fields, and exceptional views.


Day 4: Ranomafana National Park

An early morning wake up will take you in the trails of the rainforest with some park rangers to discover lemurs and different wildlife in their natural habitat.The guided tour of Ranomafana National Park, which is classified at UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage, is crisscrossed by a magnificent dense vegetation typical of the east coast wetlands: 257 species of birds, 12 species of lemurs, reptiles, insects…

Day 5: Ranomafana – Ambalavao – Ranohira

We leave the highlands to continue your journey towards the South with its semi-dry landscape. The first stop of the day is in the small town of Ambalavao, one of the cultural treasures with its architectural houses with verandas. There, we will visit the entirely natural Paper Factory Antemoro, an inlaid paper made from plants and flowers which is exported nowadays everywhere to make beautiful greeting cards. We will arrive in Ranohira later in the afternoon to enjoy a very unique landscape.

Day 6: Isalo National Park

A tour through a lunar landscape in this National Park. Your guide will lead you through the deep canyons, waterfalls and natural pools where you can take a swim. The day ends on a magnificent sunset to the famous window of the Isalo.


 Day 7: Ranohira – Zombitse – Ifaty

We make a passage through Ilakaka, the city of the rush to sapphire.After an hour drive, we stop at Zombitse National Park known for its richness in rare and endemic birds of Madagascar like the Bulbul of Appert (Phylastrephus apperti). It is a great opportunity to observe lemurs such as the Sifaka. After a stop in Toliara, we end our journey with a beautiful sunset on the beautiful beach of the Channel of Mozambique.

Day 8: Ifaty – Antananarivo

From here, we will fly back to the city of Antananarivo. Take advantage of the available time remaining to browse through the city.

Untouched rainforest adventure in Masoala – 8 Days

Nosy Mangabe

Day 01

You are met on arrival at Maroantsetra airport and transfer to the boat for the voyage across Antongil Bay to the Masoala Forest Lodge. The journey takes around two hours, with the possibility of dolphin and whale sightings in season and the forested mountains of the Masoala Peninsula as a dramatic backdrop to the destination.

On arrival at the lodge beach, you are welcomed ashore and settle into camp.

After freshening up in the accommodation, lunch is served in the beach house.

The afternoon activities include exploring the beaches and coastal forest in the lodge area and maybe enjoying a swim in the sea, before taking a guided walk along the coast past Tampolo Point, with the possibility of spotting white-fronted brown lemurs in the coastal forest.

Return to camp for sundowners around the fire on the beach and dinner in the lodge.


Day 02

Awaken early for coffee and breakfast on the sea deck before setting off on the day’s adventure.

Today this is a walk down the coast and up into the primary rainforest in search of the Red-ruffed lemurs, Dwarf chameleons and other wildlife endemic to this forest.

After some hours in the dense forest with the giant hardwoods and majestic tree ferns return to camp by boat for a well-earned lunch and rest.

The afternoon activity could be a snorkel on the nearby coral reefs, rich in diversity, or a guided sea kayak to the look-out rock at the “Secret Cove” for the sun set, with the chance of a close encounter with Bottlenose Dolphin or Green Turtle.

Dinner in the lodge.

Day 03

A relaxed start to the day and breakfast on the sea deck.

Depart on a guided walk through the coastal forest, in search of more birds and mammals.After a couple of hours walk, take a welcome swim in the crystal clear water of the cascades of the Tampolo River at the foot of the forested mountains.

Return to camp on a traditional dugout canoe paddled down the shady river.

After lunch, enjoy a relaxed afternoon swimming on the private beaches or snorkelling on the coral reefs.

A guided nocturnal walk with the intriguing possibility of seeing some of the secretive nocturnal wildlife such as Leaf-tailed Gecko, Dwarf and Mouse lemurs and maybe even the elusive Aye-Aye.

Dinner in the lodge.

Day 04

Breakfast on the sea deck.

An exploration by sea kayak or boat of the calm water and fantastic rock formations of Tampolo point. Stop for a swim on the beach at the “Sacred Island” and then kayak into a pristine mangrove and forested river, with the chance of spotting Blue-spotted stingrays in the shallow water or perhaps the Lesser bamboo lemurs crossing the river.

After a picnic lunch on the beach, return to camp by kayak or boat, for an evening of entertainment and high spirits with the visit of the traditional Malagasy music and dance group from the local village.

Sundowners around the fire on the beach and dinner in the lodge.

Day 05

Board the boat for the voyage through the Tampolo Marine Reserve to the mouth of the Antalavia River. The forested coastline viewed from the boat is stunningly beautiful, with countless deserted beaches and calm blue sea.

On arrival on the beach at Antalavia, board the dingy for the short paddle in the estuary to the cascades of the Antalavia River. Here refreshingly cool, clear water forms perfect swimming pools, over-hung by the lush forest with a chance of seeing White-fronted brown lemurs leaping through the canopy.

After a picnic lunch on the beach and a short rest under the trees, you have the choice of returning to camp by boat or on foot.

Sundowners around the fire on the beach and dinner in the lodge.


Day 06

A short guided walk through the coastal forest trails to the rice fields and farm land of the nearby village of Ambodiforaha. This is an opportunity to experience the local Betsimisaraka culture and sustainable way of life in the rainforest. You can visit their traditional houses and kitchens and perhaps see baskets, mats or hats being woven, vanilla, cloves, coffee or rice being prepared and pop in for a quick visit to the village school, co-funded by the lodge.

After lunch at the lodge, you have the option of a stroll down the beach to the Tampolo River and a peaceful pirogue trip on the cool shady river to observe the birdlife.

Sun downers around the fire on the beach and dinner in the lodge.

Day 07

A day to spend as you choose – perhaps sun bathing on one of the private beaches, or birding and mammal spotting on the private forest trails at the lodge, or relaxing with a good book and a cold drink in a hammock on your private veranda or the view deck overhanging the sea.

Alternatively, take the opportunity to return to the primary forest in search of more endemic wildlife.

Sundowners around the fire on the beach and dinner in the lodge.

Day 08

Board the boat for the voyage to the island of Nosy Mangabe.

Once ashore on the densely forested island, explore the network of trails with your guide with a chance of spotting Black and white-ruffed and White-fronted brown lemurs, leaf-tailed geckos and perhaps a Madagascar tree boa. You can view the traditional Malagasy tombs in a cave and the engraved rocks on the “Plaige des Hollandaise”.

After a picnic lunch on the beach, you board the boat once more for the voyage to Maroantsetra and transfer to the airport in time for the flight out to Antananarivo.



Mandrare River Camp

The seclusion of the camp affords intimate access and insight to the spiny forest; home to an abundance of unique wildlife and the fascinating Antandroy tribe that inhabit this arid and otherworldly landscape.

As the sun rises over rugged mountains, the distant singing of the local tribe as they fetch water from the river and the morning calls of the Coucal and Crested Coua welcome you to another glorious day on the banks of the Mandrare River.

Enjoy luxury en-suite tents, generously spread out in the shade of Tamarind trees, all with breathtaking views across the tranquil water to the sacred mountains beyond.

Day 1: Tana – Mandrare River Camp

After breakfast, drive to Ivato airport for a morning flight to Mandrare River Camp (3hrs) with our scheduled charter. Upon arrival at the Camp settle into your tent and enjoy the majestic views over the Mandrare River.

A 3 course lunch is served on our river terrace.

In late afternoon, head for a walk through the Sacred Spiny forest filled with the ancestral tombs of the local Antandroy tribe, as well as an extraordinary array of flora and fauna, unique to the spiny forest. Your English speaking guide and a tracker from the local community will give you an introduction to Antandroy culture and customs. Your visit is followed by sundowners on the Mandrare River banks.

Overnight Mandrare River Camp (All inclusive)

Day 2: Mandrare River Camp

After breakfast of freshly baked croissant and pain au chocolat, fresh fruits, cereals and breads, continue to the stunning Sacred Gallery forest to the south of the Camp. Depending on the river depth, you will walk or take a boat across the Mandrare River to reach this largely deciduous forest. Inquisitive groups of ring tailed lemurs and the always entertaining Verreaux sifaka are the highlight of this excursion.

Return to the Camp for lunch and a relaxed afternoon.

Around 5pm depart for a night walk in the Forest of Zenavo. This is a fantastic way to see diurnal lemurs bedding down, and the nocturnal lemurs begin to wake in the eerie and prehistoric Spiny Forest. You will spot Sifakas and sleeping White-foot Sportive lemurs, then once the sun has set, two mouse lemur species, sleeping birds, chameleons, owls and now active Sportive lemurs.

Overnight Mandrare River Camp (All Inclusive)

Day 3: Mandrare River Camp

After a cup of tea or coffee head to the Spiny Forest for an early morning walk. Witness the sunlight break through the octopus trees while looking out for the many endemic birds such as Crested Coua, a variety of Vangas and the Running Coua.

Head back to the Camp for a sumptuous breakfast followed by a visit to the local market (on Thursdays and Saturdays) or the local village to meet the fascinating Antandroy tribe.

Lunch will be served at the Camp followed by a relaxed afternoon watching life along the river from your tent terrace. At 5pm, depart for a sundowner amidst the baobabs. Watching the sun set and moon rise with a view across the Baobabs to the mountains beyond is a magical experience. In the evening the local village may come to perform beautiful traditional dances, accompanied by singing and music. Song and dance is at the heart of Antandroy culture and is used to accompany the major rituals and events of everyday life.

Overnight Mandrare River Camp (All Inclusive)

Day 4: Mandrare River Camp

Choose from any of your favourite activities in the Spiny Forest & Gallery Forest, visit the village, have a sundowner on the river banks or visit the local shaman (on request).

Overnight Mandrare River Camp (All Inclusive)

Day 5: Mandrare River Camp to Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge

After breakfast take an 8:30 am back to Tana with a short stopover in Fort Dauphin.

Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge

Day 1: Tana to Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge

At 9:30 am fly to Fort Dauphin (with a short stop at Mandrare River Camp) where you will be met by a driver and guide from Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge and escorted to a lovely restaurant in town for lunch.

In the early afternoon continue by vehicle to Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge (2 ½hrs).

Manafiafy, also known as Sainte Luce, is a beautiful sandy bay, fringed with forest covered mountains and wildlife rich mangroves. Upon arrival check into your luxury bungalow and at 4:30 pm head for a night walk in the Coastal Rainforest. Explore the last untouched block of coastal rainforest in southern Madagascar to spot some of the 5 species and 3 sub-species of lemur, over 80 bird species, over half of which are endemic, and an abundance of geckos, chameleons and other reptiles present in the forest. You’ll see nocturnal lemurs leaping through the trees, Madagascar Scops Owl, satanic leaf-tailed geckos and other masters of camouflage. Return to the Lodge for dinner at 8pm.

Overnight at Manafiafy Lodge (All inclusive)

Day 2: Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge

After a continental breakfast with fresh fruit, pain au chocolat, breads, cereals and eggs, head to the Stitch project and local woodworking shop to interact with the local Antanosy community. Stitch was created by the NGO Azafady to provide local women with sustainable livelihoods by training them in embroidery, English and business skills. Embroidery is a traditional Malagasy skill which the women have used to make beautiful purses, belts, and more.

After a sumptuous 3-course lunch and a bit of a rest, head to the nearby mangrove network at 4pm for birdwatching and photography. Ideal for botanists, landscape photographers and adventure seekers, this 40 km network stretches from Manafiafy to Fort Dauphin with the magnificent Anosy mountain range in the backdrop. Motorboat or kayak excursions last anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days. Today you will be exploring the mangroves by motorboat. Endemic birds include the Madagascar Malachite Kingfisher, Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher, Madagascar Harrier Hawk, Madagascar Crested Ibis and Blue Coua.

Overnight at Manafiafy Lodge (All Inclusive)


Day 3: Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge

Before breakfast, head for a sunrise walk in the coastal rainforest. On this walk you will see groups of red-collared lemur foraging for food as they leap through the rainforest canopy. The red-collared lemur is endemic to south-eastern Madagascar, lives in groups of up to 20 individuals and is actives largely at dawn and dusk. This is a great time for birding, some species to see are Crested Coua, Giant Coua, Hook-billed Vanga, Lesser and Greater Vassa Parrots.

Return to the Lodge for a well-deserved breakfast. Relax until your late afternoon excursion to see Madagascar’s largest bat, the Flying Fox, roosting in a nearby community forest, then filling the sky at dusk as they fly off on search of food.

Return to the Lodge for storytelling on the beach. Immerse yourself in Malagasy oral history and culture as the stars form a canopy overhead.

Overnight at Manafiafy Lodge (All inclusive)

Day 4: Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge

This morning, choose from any of the activities available at the Lodge. Activities with extra charge include deep sea fishing, massage and whale watching. Every year, large groups of humpback whales (Megaptera) make their annual migration from the Antarctic to the sheltered waters around the Sainte Luce peninsula where they calve, nurse their young and engage in their spectacular courtship ritual. From June through mid-November, Manafiafy is one of the best places to spot humpback whales in Madagascar.

After lunch, head to Manafiafy village. Manafiafy is a lovely Antanosy village with traditional wooden houses and pirogues lining the beachfront. Learn about the local customs and interact with the fishermen and their families.

End your day with a sundowner overlooking Manafiafy bay from a rocky outcrop offering stunning views of the area.

Overnight at Manafiafy Lodge (All inclusive)

Day 5: Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge – Fort Dauphin – Tana

After an early breakfast, drive back to Fort Dauphin (2 ½hrs), transfer to the airport for your flight back to Tana (3hrs).

MIAVANA, bringing ultra-luxury to Madagascar


Having followed this project intimately, ASISTEN Travel is the local DMC with the most extensive knowledge of MIAVANA , the first five star eco-luxury lodge in Madagascar.

From arranging your arrival in Madagascar, your private charters to MIAVANA and booking the villa which will be the most suited to your needs,  you can trust our knowledge and expertise.


The Nosy Ankao archipelago is found on the north eastern coast of Madagascar. The islands are generously served with the fresh and warm Indian Ocean currents and protected by the reefs which surround them.

The largest of the four islands, Nosy Ankao, is 3.5kms from the mainland with gorgeous views of the ocean as well as the picturesque foothills and mountains of the north eastern Madagascan mainland.

Miavana lies on the island of Nosy Ankao (Nosy means Island in Malagasy), the largest of the five islands making up a reef-protected archipelago to the north east of teh mainland. Architects Silvio Rech & Lesley Carstens (designers of Miavana’s sister camp, Normal Carr Safaris’award-winning Chinzombo, in Zambia) have created Miavana, meaning to reconcile, which blends barefoots beach luxury and historic European renaissance style.

An extensive range of activities are within reach: lemur trekking in several national parks, diving ( PADI courses are included in your package), world-class fishing and sealife viewing to name a few.

Book now with ASISTEN Travel, the Madagascar luxury travel specialist.


Barefoot luxury on private island


Discover the luxurious castaway experience of the newly refurbished Constance Tsarabanjina. Enjoy the laid back, barefoot elegance of this intimate eco-friendly resort set on its own secluded island off the coast of Madagascar.

Situated in the north-western part of Madagascar, at about 40 miles from the island of Nosy Be, Tsarabanjina is one of the islets of the Mitsio Archipelago. Fringed by white sandy beaches with extraordinary birds, lush vegetation and encircled around by coral reefs, the region is bathed in sunshine all year round. Tsarabanjina is a sacred islet.

Tsarabanjina Villa Madagascar

Every villa is unique and look out on to the sea. They are built with a thatched roof and have a private terrace. Twelve villas have their bed area air-conditioned and thirteen villas are completely air-conditioned.

Constance Tsarabanjina Luxury Hotel Madagascar Room

 “Tsarabanjina” is the kind of private island to be discovered in complete tranquillity, enhanced by the soft pace of the sea and its natural surroundings. An amazingly calm sea filled with a variety of fish and crayfish. A place renowned for its diving and ideal for navigation. You can stroll around, climb up the hills and lose your way in its luxuriant vegetation. At the end of a path, you will for sure discover many birds, including the famous flycatcher of Madagascar (the emblem of Tsarabanjina) as well as a couple of fish eagles. A biologist has even come across the tiniest chameleon in the world; it barely exceeds one centimetre in length when fully grown.

The amazing staff at Constance Tsarabanjina will take care of you.

From your favourite cocktail to your end-of-trip laundry, we have thought about everything.

Enjoy the Crystal all-inclusive stay from USD 325 / night per person.

The Crystal all-inclusive package  includes:

  • Large Variety of Super Premium branded spirits and International Beers.
  • Large selection of fresh drinks, soft drinks, mineral water including (10h00 to 01h00).
  • Unlimited access to cocktails & Constance signature drinks menu.
  • International Wine list inclusive of wines & sparkling wine from around the world (France, Italy and the New World). Many wines directly imported from small wineries.
  • Mini-bar with beers, soft drinks, water, snack & confectionary. Mini bar refilled on a daily basis.
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in our restaurant.
  • Afternoon tea served by the Bar.
  • Excursion sunset cruise (subject to 7 nights minimum stay)
  • Free water in all bungalows.
  • Free Laundry

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