Red Tsingy of Madagascar

Bays, Mountains and archipelagos – The North in 10 days

Start your tour by exploring the area around the second largest bay in the world. Hike in the Amber Mountain, Sail with fishermen to the Emerald Sea, visit the Tsingy of Ankarana & end your tour by relaxing on the island of Nosy Be. 

Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo, Madagascar

You will be greeted at the airport by our team. We will transfer you to your hotel downtown Antananarivo.

Day 2: Antsiranana and the Three bays of Diego

We fly from the capital to Diego, home of the second largest bay in the world. Known for their rugged beauty, the walk will lead you in the succession of three bays: Sakalava, Pigeon and finally the Dunes. Each bay has a unique landscape but all have in common the turquoise waters. We will break in Cape Miné with its guns and fortifications that authenticate the role of the former colonial army in the Bay of Antsiranana.

We will finish our loop leaving the camp to reach the village Orangea Ramena. We will see the beautiful sunset on the way to Diego Suarez.


Day 3: Emerald Sea

Accompanied by experienced sailors and fishermen, you will take a boat to a small island off the Bay of Diego to reach the Emerald Sea. You will spend the day relaxing and snorkeling in clear water while your fishermen prepare food with their daily catch.

After your excursion, you will be transferred to Joffreville, the gateway city to the Amber Mountain.

Day 4: Amber Mountain

Located twenty kilometers from the port, the green Amber Mountain Park ( a.k.a Montagne d’Ambre ) is home to lemurs, sacred waterfalls and a lush vegetation. The Montagne d’Ambre is the first national park to be created in Madagascar. We will do a trek in the national park to see the different species of lemurs , the smallest and rarest chameleon in the world.

Day 5: Joffreville to Ankarana & Red Tsingy Visit

On our way to Ankarana, we will discover in the mountains, southeast of Diego, The Red Tsingy. Located right at the feet of eroded canyons, within the single sedimentary basin of Madagascar and a heterogeneous vegetation , They are made of sandstone, marl and limestone. We will arrive in Ankarana towards the middle of the afternoon.


Day 6: Tsingy of Ankarana

The Ankarana is the second place in Madagascar where you can see the famous Tsingy. Here, we will walk through the forest where many endemic specimens live and appreciate the scenery offered by these impressive limestone formations. In the afternoon, we will visit the red Tsingy.


Day 7: Ankarana – Ankify – Nosy Be

We drive through plantations of coffee, cocoa and ylang ylang. This trip will take us through a volcanic zone and the most fertile region of Madagascar. We spend the mountain Tsaratanana which houses the highest peak of the island. After a passage of Ambilobe we arrive at the port of Ankify where we take the boat to Nosy Be. From the port , you will be transferred to your hotel.


Day 8 : Nosy Komba & Nosy Tanikely

This day is devoted to an excursion to the islands of Nosy Komba and Tanikely. We will visit the Nosy Komba reserve to have some close up experience with the Eulemur macaco macaco or Black Lemur. During that visit, several species of endemic reptiles including the colorful chameleons and turtles will be seen. For the more adventurous ones, you may have a chance to meet the Madagascar Boa madagascariensis , a species of the Boidae (boa) family that is endemic to the island of Madagascar. The small walk will also take you through a small village and a great handcraft market.
We will continue to Nosy Tanikely, another small island which is part the of Nosy Be archipelago. This inhabited island is part of a marine reserve and offers one of the most impressive snorkeling experiences. Surrounded by some coral reefs, the undersea biodiversity is very wealthy and you may even have the chance to spot some sea turtles while you will be snorkeling. A seafood lunch cooked onsite will be served during this full day excursion.


Day 9 : Nosy be island tour

We will do a tour of the Market of the colonial town of Hell-Ville to see various spice and vegetables merchants, the fishermen selling what they caught in the waters surrounding the islands. You quad bikes will wait for you to begin a tour of the island. You will be led through different Ylang Ylang plantations, sugar cane fields. You will also follow the track to the Mont Passot, the highest peak of Nosy Be for an incredible view, drive around the surrounding volcanic lakes and the rum distillery while passing by small villages, you will really enjoy pleasant and unforgettable chats with the villagers of the island.

Day 10: Nosy be-Antananarivo & International departure

We transfer you to the airport to fly back to Antananarivo to catch your international flight.. We will provision a hotel for you to stay in Antananarivo if you intend to stay another night in the country.