Highlights of Madagascar South & West – 14 days

The most complete tour of the Southern part of Madagascar. Starting from the capital and the rainforest, you will then fly to the Menabe region to contemplate the Alley of Baobabs before starting a roadtrip through the highlands and its diverse landscapes. The last part of your trip will begin in the unique rock formations of Isalo and end in the amazing white sand beaches of the remote village of Anakao.

Day 1: Arrival in Madagascar.

You will be welcomed by our team at the international airport of Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. You will then be transferred to your hotel in the city center.

Day 2 :Arrival in Madagascar. Drive from the capital to the rainforest of Andasibe 

We start our journey towards the Eastern part of the island. En route we will stop in Marozevo at the Peyreras reserve which is known for its lemurs and reptiles. In that reserve, we will see the famous Sifaka lemur and also various chameleons, snakes, lizards and frogs of different sizes and colors. We will spend a couple of hours in that reserve during which you may observe how the chameleons capture their prey with their long tongue. We reach the Andasibe National Park by the end of the day and we do our first visit of the park that same evening to discover some nocturnal animals.



Day 3: Explore the rainforest of Andasibe – Mantadia. 

The forest of the Andasibe Mantadia Park is home to 108 species of birds ,14 species of lemurs in there , 51 species , and 84 species of amphibians. At 7:00am, we will reach the entrance of the Andasibe-Mantadia National park. We will hike in the rain forest to track lemurs and at the same time see various species of plants, trees, insects and reptiles. We will also explore the famous Vakona island for close up experiences and many photo opportunities with the animals.

Day 4: Analamazaotra Special Reserve Visit. Drive from Andasibe to Antananarivo.

We will spend some time in the Analamazaotra special reserve where we will seek the largest lemur of Madagascar: the famous “Indri Indri” also known as “Babakoto” in Malagasy. This lemur is endemic to the site and is its icon. We leave the rainforest and come back to the highlands. We return to the capital of Madagascar.

Day 5: Flight to Morondava. Kirindy’s Dry Decideous Forest –Sunset at Alley of Baobabs  – Morondava

We take a flight to Morondava. We head to the Kirindy reserve, home of the Fosa, the largest mammal carnivore in Madagascar. Kirindy is one of Madagascar’s most threatened ecosystems: its dry deciduous forests. It is also famous for the giant jumping rat, but is also home to seven species of lemur and a number of endemic reptiles. We will spend a full day here to spot the wildlife and discover the flora. we will head back to the world famous Baobab Alley to photograph the dramatic sunset over these endemic trees. We drive back to our hotel in Morondava for dinner time.


Day 6: Morondava – Miandrivazo – Antsirabe 

We will get to the Alley of Baobabs for the sunrise for another opportunity to take some dramatic pictures of this natural landmark. We leave the region of the Menabe to return in the highlands. En route, we will have the opportunity to make several stops to photograph the hilly landscapes of Madagascar’s Midwest. During the whole afternoon, we will make a few stops to enjoy the views over the rice fields, the mountains and the traditional villages of the highlands. This region is dedicated to the agriculture and very often, we will see villagers with their colorful stands stocked with products.

In the afternoon, we will reach the town of Antsirabe, known for its thermal waters and rickshaws.

Rice fields Madagascar

Day 7: Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana

We continue our journey heading south across the highlands to reach Ambositra, the Malagasy handicrafts’capital located 105 km from Antsirabe. In this city known for its woodcarving Zafimaniry Art, we will visit different handcrafter workshops. We will have lunch in this city during which some folkloric dancers and musicians will perform a show. We will drive to the rainforest of Ranomafana.

Day 8: Ranomafana national park. Visit of the tea plantations of Sahambavy – Fianarantsoa

From the early hours of the morning, we will hike in the rain forest to track lemurs and at the same time see various species of plants, trees, insects and reptiles. Photographing in the forest presents interesting challenges since natural light is not abundant and animals are moving unpredictably. We will also see various landscapes that include waterfalls and rivers deep in the forest. We will start our afternoon with a visit of the tea plantation with the tea pickers and the field’s landscape surrounded by mountains. We will overnight in the town of Fianarantsoa, which, thanks to the richness of the architecture of its old buildings, shows the different stages of colonization and evangelization of Madagascar.

Day 9: Fianarantsoa– Ambalavao – Ranohira ( Isalo )

After breakfast, we continue our road trip with the majestic Andringitra in the background. We leave the highlands of Madagascar and enter a new microclimate: the dry bush and semi desert of southern Madagascar. We will visit the Anja Reserve, managed by the local community of villagers. This reserve is home to many unique species of lemurs including the very famous ring tailed lemur. We will transfer you to your hotel in the rock formations of Isalo.

Isalo National Park

Day 10: Isalo – Visit of the Isalo National Park

We will hike through the canyons and oases of Isalo and its lunar landscape to reach some waterfalls. This environment was formed during the Jurassic age and where the unique flora has evolved adapting to the existing conditions. During that hike, we will see different species of lemurs, including the world famous ring tailed lemur. After the canyons, we will go to different places to see a panoramic view of the landscape. We will have several opportunities to take a dip or simply admire the natural swimming pools and waterfalls. We will contemplate the sunset over the famous window of Isalo.

Hotel: Isalo Rock Lodge.

Day 11: Ranohira – Toliara – Boat transfer to Anakao 

We have an early to drive to the coastal city of Toliara. On our way, we will cross one the numerous villages formed by the sapphire rush. We reach the port of Toliara in time for our speed boat transfer to Anakao. Anakao is a small fishermen village located 45km south and only easily accessible by boat. We will reach our hotel before lunch time. Forget crowded places and be seduced by the beautiful Andovoke bay, an over a kilometre and a half long white sand beach with turquoise waters. Clearly visible on the horizon are the breakers that smash against one of the stretches of the longest coral reefs in the world.

Birds Nosy Ve

Day 12: Close up with birds in Nosy Ve

Not far away, the beautiful island of Nosy Ve emerges from the reef. We will take a boat to get to this small inhabited island where we will be able to see many endemic birds to Madagascar. After a short stroll on the island, we will spend the remaining time on one of the beaches surrounding this island. For once in your life, you may feel like being Robinson Crusoe. We will then walk to and visit the nearby Vezo Fishermen village or simply enjoy this a magical place which by fortunate circumstances has remained an uncontaminated corner away from the more chaotic mass tourism routes.


Day 13: Transfer to Toliara, Flying back to Antananarivo, Markets of Antananarivo

From Anakao, you will be transferred back to the port of Toliara. We will drive you to the airport to fly back to Antananarivo. Take advantage of the available time remaining to browse through the city and its handcraft market.

Day 14 : Royal Citadel of Ambohimanga, International departure

We will visit the royal citadel of Ambohimanga, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to learn about the history of the Madagascar kingdom and the rich culture of this island. You are transferred to the airport to catch your international flight . End of our services.